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Xtraction- Duplication of tickets showing

Question asked by Sikander-lasani on May 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2018 by Sikander-lasani

Hi Xtraction Team


We have added Previous Group field datamodel.bat file for Incident dashboard reporting. But after adding this column in dashboard profile. There is a duplication of tickets. See below. The field is showing previous group But same ticket is showing multiple times. if we remove this field than there is no duplication.



For your information. I have added  previous group field in datamodel as below.




The expression is below:



SELECT SUBSTRING(SUBSTRING(act.action_desc,CHARINDEX('Transfer Group from',act.action_desc)+20,
(CHARINDEX('to ',act.action_desc)-CHARINDEX('Transfer Group from',act.action_desc)-20)),2,LEN(SUBSTRING(act.action_desc,CHARINDEX('Transfer Group from',act.action_desc)+20,
(CHARINDEX('to ',act.action_desc)-CHARINDEX('Transfer Group from',act.action_desc)-20)))-2)
as previous_group FROM dbo.act_log act

Select call_req_id as crid, MAX(last_mod_dt) as dt2 from dbo.act_log WHERE type = 'TR' and action_desc LIKE 'Transfer Group from%' group by call_req_id
) as act2

on act.call_req_id = act2.crid
and act.last_mod_dt = act2.dt2

WHERE act.type = 'TR' and act.action_desc LIKE 'Transfer Group from%' and act.call_req_id = ACTIVITY_LOG.CALL_REQ_ID )




Please Advise how to resolve duplication issue?