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How DevTest will help in Test Automation

Question asked by Raghukrishna.d on May 30, 2018
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I am new to DevTest and interested to know what DevTest offers in Test Automation Space.

My apologies if my question sounds very basic. I have gone through lot of DevTest automation, but it doesn't give good explanation on what the scope and why we use that, all documentation talks is about how to use the tool with print screens. For example, copybundle creation. Document will tell us how to create/manage copybundle, but what is copybundle and why we use is something that I am not able to understand.


What type of tests can be automated using DevTest. I have gone through example project post installation of workstation, it has .tst file extensions. What is objective of this feature, there are tests and API tests ( which I understand ) as well. who is responsible to write test cases and what will it test. How does this act as a simulator for test automation.