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Folder Structure is not preserved while migrating through GMU

Question asked by chagr04 Employee on May 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by Mark_HE

Hi Folks,


I have been looking in strange case where most of the encapsulated assertion is created as it is while migration through GMU in defined folder structure but few of the Encapsulated Assertion or Policy fragment is created in the Gateway root folder. These Encapsulated assertion are referenced in some of the policies and services. 


For Eg : I have folder structure as mentioned below and encap1 is referenced in service1 and encap2 is referenced in service2 , similarly encap3 is referenced in service3 and encap4 is referenced in service4

Gateway root


      -services folder 



      -encap assertion folder




      -services folder



      -encap assertion folder




When i have completed the migration from one environment to other, few of the encapsulated assertion is create in the gateway root folder. even i looked at the mapping and dependencies folder, these encapsulated assertion are there in their respective folders.


How do i retain the folder structure and all the policies / services/ encapsulated assertion/policy fragment should be present in the respective folder.


Note : I am doing migration for the first time in this gateway and using directory structure while doing the migration, not using single xml file while migration.