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I would like the ability to stop an Incident from Closing if an Associated Change has not been closed

Question asked by RH1999 on Jun 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by RH1999

is there an incident transition condition macro to block an incident from closing if the associated CHANGE is NOT closed?


I tried creating the following macro but getting macro error while trying to close the incident


TABLE Spell_Macro
 del description fragment id last_mod_by last_mod_dt lock_object msg_html
 msg_tmpl_info ob_type persid sym tenant type usr_integer1 usr_integer2 usr_integer3
 usr_string2 usr_string3 usr_string4
 { "0" ,"return FALSE if Status = Closed",
 "if (chg.status == \"CL\") {\\0012   set_return_data(FALSE);\\0012} else {\\0012   set_return_data(TRUE);\\0012}",
 "400239" ,"" ,"05/29/2018 11:10:28" ,"0" ,"" ,"" ,"cr" ,"macro:400239",
 "Chg. Status <> Closed" ,"" ,"COND" ,"" ,"" ,"" ,"" ,"" ,"" }