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Automatically push request to next status based on form values

Question asked by chison.cai on Jun 4, 2018
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How to automatically push request to next status based on form values



In fulfillment phase, we may have multiple (e.g. 4) fulfillment assignees to fulfill a request.

Each assignee will update the form values. (like to tick the checkbox)

When the form meet certain condition (e.g. all checkboxes are ticked), I want the request to push to next status.




We don't want to use ITPAM task list function as it needs to introduce another interface..

I checked. There is no pre-define javascript function that I can update the request status.

I know we can use the origin javascript to find the DOM of the status input. When the last checkbox ticked, update it to next status. But this is not standard approach and risky for further version upgrade.


Any suggestion?