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Anonymous Authentication Scheme

Question asked by sandeep.banala.1 on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by sandeep.banala.1

I am trying to change the Guest DN in Anonymous Authentication Scheme and as a part of validation i have entered an invalid User DN , but still i was able to hit the anonymous protected application and got the guid created by agent.

In the Policy Server Trace logs i can see a log statement saying below.

LogMessage:ERROR:[sm-Ldap-02230] Error# '32' during search: 'error: No such object matched dn: o=dir,c=us' Search Query = 'uid=*'

and then the below log statement show user is authenticated

[** Status: Authenticated. ][][][][][][][][Anonymous][][][][][][][cn=****,o=dir,c=us]


Is this expected? i thought one of the Pre req for the Anonymous authentication is the existence of Guest DN in UserDirectory. Can any one help why i am seeing this behaviour and is this supposted to be like this?


I am using Policy Server R12.52sp1