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Usage_metering probe 9.10

Question asked by anmol-k on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by Britta_Hoffner

Hey guys ,


I want to use usage_metering probe latest version for license count but as soon as i deploy the probe , it goes down .

I have 2 doubts , first is that my server is 2.2 Ghz and not 3 Ghz as pre-req requires but i am not sure if it will not allow the probe to start.

Secondly , webgtw probe is not enabled but that also is not mandatory i guess !!

Kindly suggest any change.

The log error is as follows:

Jun 06 11:33:32:887 DEBUG [pool-2-thread-1, com.nimsoft.util.UMBUtil] Terms of use not accepted or WebGateway Info is not successful.
Jun 06 11:33:32:887 DEBUG [pool-2-thread-1, com.nimsoft.util.UMBUtil] update thread finished.
Jun 06 11:33:33:334 DEBUG [pool-1-thread-1, com.nimsoft.query.jdbc.QueryExecutor] Database dialect is : sqlserver
Jun 6 11:33:40:007 [10964] Controller: Max. restarts reached for probe 'usage_metering' (command = <startup java>)