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Java virtualization and AspectJ

Question asked by Benoit_B on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by Benoit_B

Hi All,


I'm trying to record a java method, with a specific DevTest extension, but it does not work. 

Few facts :

- the java method works good without the recording

- when recording, from workstation, the java method does not answer and the jvm seems to do not anything more

- AspectJ seems to be used somewhere in the stack (some labels _aroundBody found in the stack)

- the debug mode freezes after the last call to myPersonalExtension.onPreRecord(), with method = "sendReceive_aroundBody4"


All that let me think that there is a link between AspectJ and the recording which does not work. 


Has anyone ever encountered this problem?


PS : Playback tested on the java method, with the same extension, it does work.