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Limit local(!) access of RA FTP Agent

Question asked by FrankMuffke on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by Carsten_Schmitz

Good Evening everyone,


Does anyone a hint or solution to following problem/request:


Our Department wants to provide an FTP Agent as service to other departments.

The FTP Agent should run on our (Dept-) Server.

The other Departments get access via CONN Object.


AE Version 11.2

RA FTP Solution 4.0.0


Security Issue: the  - Local File system tab within RA FTP Jobs offers access to the (whole) OS where the Agent is runnin g on. So one Department is able to see (and copy) files of another department what is forbidden.


If we limit the user (who starts the RA FTP Agent) to one directory only the security issue keeps the same - one dept could see/copy/use/delete files of another department.


I did not find any possibility (on Automic or RA FTP side) to limit LOCAL credentials of the RA FTP Agent.


Currently I see following - unsatisfying - possibilities:

* use one FTP Agent per department

* start FTP Agent on demand with different OS users (and different folder credentials)

* ...?


Any other good ideas that could help in this case?



many thanks in advance!


cheers, Wolfgang