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How to leave an editable field according to the role of the logged user?

Question asked by sandro.mello on Jun 7, 2018
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Hi everyone,


I have a little problem and I hope you can help me. There is a field (z_data_prometida) on the detail_cr.htmpl, and I need this field to be editable when a flag in the user's role is active.

I'll explain my problem in more detail.

There is a field (z_edita_data_prometida) in the user's role (detail_role.htmpl), which can be marked as "YES" or "NO".

If the user who is logged in is using this function, and the function is marked "YES", the field (z_data_prometida) of the screen (detail_cr.htmpl) must be editable.

I don't know what to put in the "PDM_IF" rule.

<PDM_IF "">
<PDM_MACRO NAME=dtlDate hdr="Data prometida" attr="z_data_prometida">
<PDM_MACRO NAME=dtlReadOnly hdr="Data prometida" attr="z_data_prometida">

Thanks in advance,