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Capturing Dynamic Job Data to Pass to ServiceNow

Question asked by MichaelIngram602401 on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by jkessans

We are working on integrating UC4 v12.1 with our ServiceNow instance using the ServiceNow Action Pack from the Automic marketplace.  As part of that integration, we're attempting to create an incident ticket every time there is an ABEND via some logic in the post-processing tab.


By manually triggering the incident ticket creation object, we are able to send over some of the static information (assignment group, priority, category, etc.) that we've configured, but we're having a problem capturing some of the job-specific data.  Ideally, we'd send over the dynamic job name, run ID, and job report (along with the other static data) for each ticket.


I had planned to store the job name, run ID, and job report in variables and pass them to the object that creates the ticket, but my UC4 scripting knowledge is very limited and I've been struggling with the whole process.  Is there a function that I can use to capture that data, pass it over to the object that creates the ticket, and then activate it?