CA Brightside Webcast June 28 @ 10am ET

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CA recently announced CA Brightside, the first cross-enterprise DevOps solution designed to greatly improve the productivity and efficiency of development teams to control, script and develop for the mainframe like any other cloud platform using open source tools and frameworks.  


We invite you to register and attend our technical webcast to learn more.  The webcast starts at 10am ET on Thursday, June 28, 2018.  We'll answer questions like: "How do I use it?”, or “What can I do with it?”. 


You’ll be amazed how quickly this new solution streamlines the way you can develop applications for the mainframe using existing open source tools and frameworks such as Jenkins, Gradle and IntelliJ thru a command line interface.


We look forward to connecting with you and demonstrating how CA Brightside can help you.


In the meantime - we invite you to download your free copy of CA Brightside Community Edition, and watch this short video to learn more.      Visit us online today at ca.com/brightside.