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Identity Portal - Forgotten Password - verification screen blank

Question asked by Gabriele_Rusconi-Moviri on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by Gabriele_Rusconi-Moviri

Product: CA Identity Suite 14.1 Virtual Appliance

Component: CA Identity Portal 

Feature: Forgotten Password (/sigma/public/index#/forgot-password)

Issue: the identity validation screen (second step, aka verification screen) is blank/empty and no error in log files on both Identity Portal and Identity Manager sides


first screen (Identification)

second screen (Verification)


If I perform the same test of the feature using CA Identity Manager environment UI (/iam/im/pubidentityEnv/ui7/index.jsp?task.tag=forgottenpassword), it works as expected:


The related Admin Task is configured correctly on Identity Manager side and enabled as Web Service:


Also configured correctly on Identity Portal side:



What do I miss?


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