Postconditions not functioning - AE 11.2.2

Discussion created by ScottWirth on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by Pete Wirfs

I am running into an odd problem with postconditions in AE 11.2.2.  Our organization is new to Automic, and it has been a bit of a slog, since there's a small group of us doing the conversion of items from the old scheduling system ( Tidal ) to Automic. 


We have a process that for lack of a better term, consumes files.   The idea is that it processes a certain amount of files based on date/number/size.  The number of files processed for each iteration can be variable, and there are different variants, based on whether it's being based on date or number/size.  Essentially, it may require a variable number of iterations to process all the files, at which point, it should stop.


To that end, I've created a workflow which handles a single iteration of the process.  That process works fine, and I can run as many as necessary to process the files.  Where the issue occurs, is getting this to occur repeatedly until all files have been processed.  To this end, there is a 'wrapper' workflow.   The wrapper workflow contains only the single iteration workflow, which has a postcondition that looks in the location where the files are being supplied. 


The problem occurs that when I run this wrapper workflow, the postcondition check occurs, and I get:


2018-06-01 11:58:49 - IF file '\\SOURCEPATH\FOR\FILES\*' does not exist (check via SERVERAGENT).

2018-06-01 11:58:49 - U00011700 Cannot find information for path '\\SOURCEPATH\FOR\FILES\*'.

2018-06-01 11:58:49 - U00020411 The command 'EXIT' in 'XC_INC.CONDITION.CHECK_FILE', line '00086' stopped the generation of this task.

At which point, the external workflow breaks.


Where I am having difficulty is that a workflow that I have set up in the development environment which is conceptually exactly the same (nested workflows and a file postcondition on the internal workflow) behaves flawlessly.  In the environment where it is failing, I've verified with the server engineers that the AD (Active Directory) permissions for all executables in the single iteration workflow are correct, and that is borne out by the fact that running the single iteration workflow consumes files as necessary, and completes ENDED_OK.  The service accounts have all the proper permissions to the directory structure, as well. 


I think there is an issue with configuration somewhere, but I am at a loss to determine where it is.  Has anyone had a similar problem or any thoughts on whether there is a configuration item or a UC_SETTINGS variable that we may be missing?


We have a workaround, but the fact that it works fine in the development environment and not in the test environment is frustrating, since the hopeful end state of the conversion is being able to promote items from Dev to Test, and from Test to Prod ( this is a frustrating and far more manual process in the old system). So it makes sense that with the exception of the hosts/agents, the configurations should be little different or even identical in Automic.