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Test Data Generation for varying static field row count

Question asked by zingy.rajeev on Jun 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by Anil Kumar Appukuttan

Hi Team,

We have a requirement to generate the data for 3  fields where data for 2 static columns should be generated with varying in the count of rows which is provided by the user. 

for eg,

We have 3 columns in the table TBANK having column (CompanyName,Country,Address)

The data is required to be generated for 3 column for in below pattern. 3 for Companyname as "Infy" and 3 for "TCS"


Infy                    , India, INDAC1233567

Infy                    , India, INDAC1234568

Infy                    , India, INDAC1235569

Tcs                    , India, INDAC1333567

Tcs                    , India, INDAC1434568

Tcs                    , India, INDAC1635569


Now again if user wants 100 for "Tcs" and 50 for "Infy" , He should be able to do it own its own without any modification. The  requirement is very similar like "Test data on demand" where user can choose specific requirement from TDOD portal and able to mine the similar manner we have to for test data generation where user can provide number for rows of varying static type like (10 rows for "Infy" and 20 rows for "Tcs" or 20 rows for "infy" and 30 rows for "Tcs") and he should be able to do it own its own like "Test data generation on demand" . 

Let me know if it is possible to do by using Agile designer like TDOD and create portal for test data creation.



Rajeev Kumar.