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Issue in Moving AD Account to Different OU

Question asked by jaspreetsingh.bedi on Jun 11, 2018
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We need to move AD account from ou 'Users' to ou 'ToBeDeleted' when their end date is reached.


So create PX on modifyuser , which based on condition(end date) , moves the account.(Rigjt now, not chcking this condition. just triggering this on ModifyUser).


1. I am trying to get ADSAccountContainer using below config (screenshots under Data)


2. The User on which I am testing is has one AD Account. Action is as below:

(In Action, I am using ADSAccountContainer whose value we got from Data Element)

3. Issue is , when this policy Triggers, it gives error creating account identifier(The path mentioned in error is correct for AD account, so it found the user but unable to create AccountIdentifier)