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Jaspersoft Cascade Input control displays only one row

Question asked by vs00500773 on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2018 by vs00500773

Jaspersoft studio 6.4.2


I have two inputs controls.  Portfolio and Programs


I'm trying to create cascade input control so the display of second value is based on the first value selected.


I want to display the programs based on the portfolio I select.  I get only one program name when I select the portfolio whereas the portfolio has more than one programs


Any help/pointer is greatly appreciated


SELECT DISTINCT PFM.ID,pfm.code,, prg.code Program_ID
, Program_Name
from inv_investments prg
LEFT OUTER JOIN inv_hierarchies ih
ON ih.parent_id =
LEFT OUTER JOIN inv_investments prj
ON = ih.child_id
LEFT OUTER JOIN srm_resources res
ON res.user_id = prj.manager_id
LEFT OUTER JOIN pfm_investments pinv
ON pinv.investment_id = NVL(,
LEFT OUTER JOIN pfm_portfolios pfm
ON = pinv.portfolio_id
AND prj.is_active = 1
AND $X{IN,PFM.ID ,portfolioKey_1}
ORDER BY pfm.code