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CA TDM - Self Service Portal for Multiple Datasources

Question asked by Sasanka.C on Jun 13, 2018
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Background :- 

We are performing a POC on CA TDM - Tester Self Service ( Data reservation Portal) for one of the largest banks in Australia. From the documentation available on web i can see that test data engineer had to create data mart as

pre-requisite from various data sources and then only testers can reserve the data. 


Question :-

We have data scattered across IMS , DB2 and Oracle Data sources ( Multiple Oracle DB's on different hosts) in the bank.To create a data mart for Data reservation portal do we need to extract the data from these multiple data sources and store a copy in data mart and define relationships or does the tool directly connects to multiple DB's ( including multiple Oracle DB's hosted on different hosts and IMS and DB2 on Mainframes)  and pull the data dynamically based on predefined relationships ?   Can you also please let me know if the data mart tables had to be created in any specific format ?