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UIM monitoring requirement and queries.

Question asked by Rajashekar Allala on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by Phani Devulapalli

We are in the process of moving from CA eHealth to CA UIM and we are looking for replica of eHealth monitoring in UIM.


I am observing below challenges.

Disk Monitoring --> We need static and dynamic thresholds to be created and apply it to all the servers in a group.

IM based cdm probe is not having an option to configure dynamic thresholds. Using Admin console, we can configure dynamic thresholds at disk level (Ex: cdm\hostname\Disks\DiskName) and not at all Disks level. That means, we have to go to each disk and configure the dynamic thresholds. This is not a feasible option for a server with more than 20 mount points/Disk partitions.


Is there any way to configure and apply the rules at all disk partitions/mount points irrespective of partition/mount point name? How can I push these dynamic rules to all servers?


The same with IOSTAT probe.


Static Thresholds: in eHealth, we have time sliding windows which control the static thresholds to alarm on particular metric. Example: If CPU utilization is >=95% for 15 mins out of 30 mins, generate alarm.


I don't see this option is available for static thresholds. Whereas, it is available for Dynamic thresholds. What is the option here?


Combined monitoring rules: We nee combined rules that generate alarm for multiple metrics.

Example: If CPU Utilization > 90% and CPU Average Load >=15 then generate alarm.


I don't see this kind of configuration available. How best we can achieve this? I do not prefer LUA script in AO as we have multiple rule of this kind.


Process Set Monitoring: We are creating the process set (group of processes) and monitoring them with set of alarm rules. With this setup, let us say there are 2 processes are setup to make a process set. We will enable CPU and Memory monitoring on process set. If the process set CPU/Memory is high against given threshold alarm will be generated. How can we achieve this in UIM?


Thank you.