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Configure APS to generate and email passwords to users

Question asked by wasja02 Employee on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by MattDeChellis

I am working with a customer who wants to utilize SSO's Advanced Password Services for users to change their passwords. I have the APS documentation, but it is unclear if I am able to achieve the following flow...


1. User clicks forgot password - (configured)

2. User verifies account using Q&A (configured)

3. Random password is generated and emailed to user (IN QUESTION)

4. User logs in with new password 

5. User is forced to change password after login with new password (IN QUESTION)


Does anyone have a clear answer on whether this flow can be achieved out of the box or not? If so, does anyone have any detailed configuration docs for APS (outside of the APSAdmin and FPS techguides on communities?)


Any help is appreciated.



Jawaan W.