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Locking of Attribute in Different Views

Question asked by Awadhesh.D on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2018 by Awadhesh.D

Hello Active Community,


I am just wondering a Scenario, is it possible to do it in Clarity 15.4 and above or it must be a new add on feature:


1) I have field called TEST1 in General page of Project. On create we gave some value to it -> saved it -> process triggered it LOCKS. 

View: its visible in General page as Locked and One Sub page called as TESTSUB1  as locked here as well as it is one attribute only.


Checking if this Possible: TESTSUB1 is accessed by a group GPTEST1 - Requirement is : They can run an on demand Process which will unlock that field in such a way that it will be unlock on that Subpage but locked in General page of that Project so only they can update it and lock it again. Is it possible with TEST1 attribute. 


Current solution provided to Stakeholder is: New attribute TEST2 only configure in that sub page which on update kicks of the process and update TEST1. 


Any leads will be very much appreciated?