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Passing a subset of the "memberOf", but a specific group attribute rather than the "CN" value

Question asked by dmt953 on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by dmt953

Hello Folks,


Could someone help me figure out how to use SiteMinder attribute expressions to pass a specific AD group from the "memberOf" user attribute, but a specific group attribute other than the group CN value?


Basically, if my user ID is a member of the "cn=HR_admin,ou=employee,ou=company,o=com", along with dozens of other AD groups that I am a member of, but I am only interested in the "HR_admin" group, also I want to pass the "groupType" value of the "HR_admin" group rather than it's "CN" value.


Is there a way to with attribute expressions to tell SiteMinder to pass just the "groupType" attribute value of the "HR_admin" group from the "memberOf" user attribute?


As always, much thanks in advance!