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AC configuration of CDM probe not enabling the Disk Monitoring

Question asked by Rajashekar Allala on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by vispr

Hi All,


I am trying to enable default monitoring for all the disks at a time using the Admin Console. I am navigating to cdm/hostname/Disks and configuring the static threshold rules available using the Filesystem Type Filter and saving the configuration. 


In IM, when I open and check the configuration, I can see that, the disk partitions are having the check box enabled. However, the QOS and the thresholds which I configured in AC are not reflecting. And when I check the cdm.cfg file, the fixed_defaults is not set to active state automatically and also, the data for the disk partitions metrics also not showing in USM. I don't see Active option available in AC configuration. Is this a known issue?


What can be done to avoid this?


Thank you.