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Error code 5 : Access denied, CreateProcessAsUser

Question asked by RayFox608611 on Jun 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by PhilippElmer

Agent Version: version '12.0.3+build.791'

Windows 2016 server.

I am getting the following in the Agent log on Windows 2016:


20180618/132637.350 - U02001040 Error in function 'CreateProcessAsUser', error code '5', error description: 'Access is denied.'.
20180618/132637.366 - U02001000 Job 'MSSQL_T03_TEST' could not be started. Error code '5', error description: 'Access is denied.'.


I have granted the following to the user/group concerned:

1) Logon as batch job
2) Act as part of operation system
3) Create a token object
4) Replace a process level token


The same user/group works on Windows 2012 Server.


Firewall is disabled for tests


Anybody in the same situation?