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PIM - DH (READER) not responding

Question asked by stoopid on Jun 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by mulan04

Hello Community,


i do have a slight problem, which might have happened to one of you too. We do use PIM Entm 12.61 (i know it is a little old) and endpoints on all possible platforms (version > 12.8). Since an unforseen reboot the DH__ Database got corrupted and endpoints aren't able to fetch policy/updates anymore.


It seems that the communication between DMS__ and DH__ fails, therefore I've recreated the DH database, just as stated in this document ("Tech Tip - CA Privileged Identity Manager: How to resubscribe a DH to a DMS in PIM 12.8+ ").


The error which i am trying to fix looks like this.


02:38:10 PM@Jun 18 2018 - ERROR: command "showres HNODE ("") useprops(POLICY_STATUS)" returned failures, rv = 10031
02:38:10 PM@Jun 18 2018 - LCA returned ((
ERROR: Failed to fetch data for HNODE


DMS, DH, DH__WRITER and the TibcoMQ are on the same machine.


DH__WRITER seems to be working because if i connect to it through host DH__WRITER@ and issue eu dummy1 it will be available on DMS__@ too. could somebody list me the sepmd -L <DH|DMS|DH__WRITER> entries?


Many thx in advance