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Unlock Link - passing username via cred provider

Question asked by wilda05 Employee on Jun 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by Sheryn

Environment: IM R14.0 SP1 on Wildfly
Use Case:
• User account is locked
• Credential provider has “Unlock Account” link
• User should be able to click unlock accoun4vf
Problem: Link not passing username variable to task
1. I am not getting the proper userID passed to the unlock task. It should be rogers4 in the example below:
2. The url has the variable substitution for the userID, but it does not seem that this userID is passed to the unlock task.
a. In the example it should be rogers4.
b. Link is:
c. According to the doc, this should pass the username, unless there is something here I am missing.
3. I only see the idmadmin id, which is the default administrator, so I never see the locked account for rogers4.


(See screen shots in attachment)...