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CodeSV - Clarifications Required

Question asked by pranaygupta on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by sursu06

Hi Team,

I am trying to implement codeSV part of our project. I have went through documentation and implementation for codeSV. And have have few clarifications:


1) For Service Virtualization in codeSV, do we have support to deploy VS in any centralized server? Or being part of JUNIT, the VS will be tested only local to that machine

2) If there is any server available to deploy VS - How to open up the the server to deploy VS?

3) Does codeSV supports, accessing VS by other users at same time the same DevTest does?


We are finding the feasibility to move from Licensed DevTest to Code SV. And finding feasibility to hit VS in same way we used to do in DevTest by various users at same time. Please help on below query.


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