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Anyone Using SOAP To Unlock User Endpoints?

Question asked by Michael_Royston_NFCU on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2018 by Michael_Royston_NFCU

We have a Task called ServiceDeskUnlockAccount.  It is used by our Service Desk to unlock users accounts at various endpoints.  I have used TEWS to run ServiceDeskUnlockAccountQuery and ServiceDeskUnlockAccountSearch to return various values, and I can determine which endpoints are locked.  The problem is when I try to submit the actual ServiceDeskUnlockAccount task.  It returns a Transaction ID, but it does not actually unlock the endpoint for the user.  


It appears you define "selected for unlock" in the user accounts tab section, but there are various fields in the SOAP call with no information about what needs to be entered.  One of which is <wsdl:UnAssign>?</wsdl:UnAssign> which I have tried Yes, Y, T, True, 1, etc.  Has anyone successfully used this SOAP call and unlocked a user's endpoints?