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CA API Print the base64decoded value in logs

Question asked by vivekvix on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by steba03

Our Customer is expecting a soap msg which contain password created with combination of nonce,createddate and fixed password string. it contain various steps involving base64encode/decode, sha1 . 

They are comparing the output by applying the same value in python script , but our output generated via ca api is not matching with python output 


Our requirement to compare the value at each step in caapi with python. but after base64decode of nonce value we are not getting readable text in logs to compare the value with python output. caapi output in logs in coming as rectangles. so is there a way to print the base64encode value in log


python code

base64_nonce1 = "1P8awx9YBMRV9Q0gOvoEjQ=="



output->\xd4\xff\x1a\xc3\x1fX\x04\xc4U\xf5\r :\xfa\x04\x8d' 


Steps in caapi

1) Extracted Nonce value from the XML
2) Applied the Base64 Decode on Nonce and storing the result in cv_ExtractNonceDecoded

3) Log the variable cv_ExtractNonceDecoded


So how do we compare output from both?