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Policy Falsified Error: Service not found

Question asked by r.spampinato on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2018 by RemcoDekker

Hi everyone,


I'm following an old Lab Workbook dealing with Voonair example. I'm stuck at the very first steps. Here is the resume of what I did so far:


- I configured CA API Gateway 9.3 (VMWare .ova file) locally on my personal laptop (set the host file with hostname and IP address of the gateway)

- I installed Policy Manager client

- I checked the reachability of the gateway by pinging it from my laptop as well as the connection to the Policy Manager and everything works.


Then I imported Voonair web service through the Policy Manager, following the workbook (attached) and here is the issue in object: when I try to do a request via SOAPUI, it gives me Policy Falsified, Service not found.


How can I solve?


Thank you.




EDIT: attached you can find voonair.wsdl