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Jaspersoft Ldap mapping issue

Question asked by arimu02 Employee on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2018 by Paul_Coccimiglio

Hi All

I did the configuration and put the servicemanagement section as below in red.

Now the jasper is working but still users are not mapped with the servicemanagement organization hence the users are not able to see any kind of adhoc view, report or dashboard within the servicemanagement.

file is attached

seeking help


<bean id="ldapExternalTenantProcessor" class="" parent="abstractExternalProcessor">

        <property name="ldapContextSource" ref="ldapContextSource"/>

        <property name="multiTenancyService"><ref bean="internalMultiTenancyService"/></property>

        <property name="excludeRootDn" value="true"/>

                             <property name="defaultOrganization" value="servicemanagent"/>

        <!--only following LDAP attributes will be used in creation of organization hierarchy.

                Eg. cn=Smith,ou=Developement,o=Jaspersoft will produce tanant Development as child of

                tenant Jaspersoft (if excludeRootDn=false) as child of default tenant organization_1-->

        <property name="organizationRDNs">









        <property name="rootOrganizationId" value="organization_1"/>

        <property name="tenantIdNotSupportedSymbols" value="#{configurationBean.tenantIdNotSupportedSymbols}"/>