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CA Service Desk Manager - Classic Request/Incident Workflows cancelling

Question asked by blav on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by Chi_Chen

Using SDM 14.1.04 and also tested on SDM 17.0 found out that when a request with a standard workflow attached to it the workflow(s) automatically get cancelled when a request status is set to cancel.

Even if "Cancel" is not a status available for that particular task. Even if "Cancel" task status get disabled. Found out in the stdlog files that this behaviour maybe come from cr_wf.spl file provided by CA.


I've been searching for information on CA communities and in CA SDM documentations but did not find anything that gave me the answers I needed.


I was looking to understand a bit more on that behaviour, where it could had been configured in CA SDM and if I can set up something similar when changing a request to "Rejected" (cancelling or completing all task automatically) or any other statuses that end a request (for example: Request Closed). As of now if a set a request status to "Rejected" (Code: REJ) I get the error code: AHD05835.


Thank you