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Scope of testExec and Result propagation between Steps in VSM

Question asked by sudarsunperu on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2018 by Rick.Brown


I have few queries about the scope and behaviour of testExec object. The documentation of testExec does not seem to clarify these. 


  • What is the scope of testExec object? when we set State values using TestExec and access them in the following Steps, during concurrent hits on the Virtual Service, will the testExec object scope be common to all concurrent hits or scope is seperate to individual hit?
  • If some custom computation results needs to be propagated between Steps in a VSM. I can see see two options to do so ( correct me if I'm wrong)
    • Using the LASTRESPONSE property
    • Setting StateValues to testExec 

      Are there other ways to do the same? Which approach is the best and efficient way to do the same?


Any help is much appreciated.