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How to extract Budget, Actuals, Cost & Variance for current Fiscal year and Lift Time

Question asked by karthick-aravind.raja-jawahar on Jun 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2018 by karthick-aravind.raja-jawahar

Hi ,

I need to extract budget, cost, Actuals & Variance for current fiscal year and Total lift cost for preparing status report.

Could anyone suggest with sample datas/query, Do we have an option to extract all the values?



BudgetCost from Budget plan of recordFor CAPEX line, Cost type = CAPEX For OPEX line, Cost type = OPEX For “Current FY” column, sum for the FY corresponding to the report date For “Life totals” column, sum the total for all Fys
ActualActualsAbove rule
ForecastCosts from cost plan of record - Total ActualsAbove rule
LandingCosts from cost plan of recordAbove rule
VarianceCosts from cost plan of record - Costs from Budget plan of recordAbove rule
Input in Red if >0

Input in Green if <= 0