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Question asked by Vmani on Jun 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2018 by Vmani

usecase: when user is coming from csv, he must have custom userid

issue:user is created with userid(fullname) in provisining directory,and when user is going to create in IDM a custom userid is generated.
here the userid were different in both provisioning directory,user directory

In provisoning directory:global username=testuser
In user Directory:userid=tuser(custom userid generation)

What we Want:custom userid must be same in both the directories
Is there anyway to do custom logic at before creating global user (or) when a user is coming from flatfile can we restrict the user not to create as global user and create directly in idm


and for the above usecase we are adding few enhancements like ,

 adding provisoning role to user which is coming from flat file through policy express,
Issue:in view submitted task,it is showing that assign provisioning role event is completed
but unable to see the role at users profile.