Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On : Session Store (Oracle) Connection Issues

Discussion created by Patrick-Dussault Employee on Jun 26, 2018


We're running Policy Server, and this one reports error when reaching
the ODBC Oracle Session Store :

1. [16553/160][Mon Jun 18 2018
20:28:14][CSmDbUtilities.cpp:465][ERROR][sm-Odbc-00060] Failed to
connect to datasource 'SiteMinder Session Data Source'.


2. [16553/160][Mon Jun 18 2018
20:28:14][CSmDbUtilities.cpp:470][ERROR][sm-Odbc-00070] Error Code
is 0 message is 'State = 08003 Internal Code = 0 -
[DataDirect][ODBC lib] Connection not open'.


3. [16553/1][Mon Jun 18 2018
20:28:14][SmSSProvider.cpp:228][ERROR][sm-Server-07001] Exception:
Unexpected local error code -1063 while making database call. Error
code -1063


4. [16553/1][Mon Jun 18 2018
failed. Error code : 3

Our Oracle Admin found an additional alert:

TNS-12679: Native services disabled by other process but required

reason: sqlnet.encryption_server=required

How can we fix that at the Policy Server level ?




This is related to a problem with the datadirect driver.




The solution is to :

Option 1: Use EncryptionLevel=1" vs "EncryptionLevel=3" in the


Option 2: Upgrade the Policy Server to 12.52 Sp1 CR2 or later.


Additional Information:


How to enable encryption for ODBC connections to Oracle databases

Encryption Level



KB : KB000103375