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Connecting PAM Processes into Query/Response

Question asked by jordanreich on Jun 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by pier-olivier.tremblay

Here is the ask. Essentially just exploring the possibilities of whether this can happen in Process Automation.



You load into an IRF within PAM. The form that is presented asks a number of questions. Such as: name, address, employee ID number, etc. Once submitted this request goes through the workflow process. Queries active directory based upon the ID number provided, and returns all of the group memberships for this user.



We are currently aware on how to return these values as variables into an email, another process, etc.



Is it possible to return these values within the IRF that you submitted and/or automatically send you to another page with another IRF that contains the results. Such as, here are the group members. Now we design that page to do something with the results.


Instead of a linear workflow we are getting more of an application based response. Feeding in data, getting results, feeding in additional data, getting results. Until the process comes to a completion.


Has anyone done this before? How would you recommend as being the best way to proceed.