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AWI URL of job report

Question asked by Michael_Lowry on Jun 26, 2018
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As we prepare to begin migrating from the Java User Interface to the Automic Web Interface, we are working on ideas for how to take advantage of the fact that the AWI is web-based. One big advantage of web-based tools is that they make it possible to provide direct URLs to resources in the app. These URLs can then be included in chats, emails, web pages, and other applications.


I’ve partly documented the schema for AWI URLs, but a lot of information is missing, and just as importantly, the current schema does not appear to provide a straightforward way to do some rather obvious things. One of these: job logs.


When a job ends in error in our systems, the monitoring tool detects the failure, automatically creates an incident, and then assigns the incident to the correct team. We would like to include in each incident a direct link to the log of the failed job.


In the AWI, if you open a task’s report and click the button to open the report in a new window (), the window's URL looks something like this:


The last part URL does not appear to be a unique identifier for a particular job report though, and in fact a new URL is generated each time a report pop-up window is requested.


Is there a straightforward way to generate such a URL dynamically? I would like to find a way to programmatically determine the AWI URL to open the report of a particular task, knowing the task’s run ID.