#[Fixed Defects] for June 27, 2018

Discussion created by JohnStreeter Employee on Jun 27, 2018

DE41685 - Deleting user images via API results in "No such security key deleteProfileImage"
DE41785 - Test Case Import allows users to associate Test Cases to User Stories in a project they only have viewer access to
DE39602 - Test Case QDP Type field only defaults to "Regression"
DE41920 - Unable to create Test Cases from a Test Set, QDP is stuck at: Loading ...
DE40307 - The progress bars of a portfolio item does not update
DE41872 - Unable to Add Child Portfolio Items to Higher Level PIs
DE41724 - QDP does not have a Remove dependencies button, users are mistakenly clicking Delete dependencies
DE41756 - Blocked Work app causing Agile Central to be unresponsive/unusuable
DE41509 - Unable to Add Multiple Test Cases to a Test Set via the Choose option
DE41463 - Sub Admin can disable themselves when using bulk edit - Disabled set to yes.
DE40922 - Printing "Summary list of items with children" from Defect Suites page presents only 200 of Defects.



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