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Custom Column in CABI 4.1 - Invalid Field Type

Question asked by jeffery.mason on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by jeffery.mason

We've created a custom column in the chg table called zmpb.

WSP Schema shows the new chg column zmpb as an SREL to the nr table as we required.

Universe Designer, I created a new object under Change> Change Detail>  with the following parameters:

Name: zmpb

Type: Character   (Tried all types from the picklist with same result)

Select: chg.zmpb


Then I did a "Refresh Structure"... which adds the z fields to the chg table.

Exported the universe.

In WebIntelligence, zmpb appears as it should, however when added to a report and run the query, I get the following error:

"Invalid database field type : chg.zmpb. (IES10903) (WIS 10903)" 

SAP documentation for these errors aren't much help.


Any help would be appreciated.