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A little help forecasting log sizes

Question asked by EricGregory on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by KennyV

What's the best method to forecast log file sizes?  We're just getting started with Identity Suite and I need to forecast out storage costs for retaining log files in S3 but I can't find anything to use as a guideline.


Our environment consists of 2 of the Identity Suite Vapps, 2 Policy Servers and 2 Access Gateways which also run the connector servers.


We have over 10s of thousands of AD users with a few other smaller user stores and expect to eventually have about 100 integrations with different apps that will authenticate through the CA solution.


Right now, just running idle we're collecting a few hundred MB of logs per day, but I strongly suspect that will increase greatly when we start adding in users and apps.



Does anyone have any equations or guidelines to use for estimating total daily log sizes ?