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Get users tab details from the policy tab in domain

Question asked by smukhi on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by Albert_Fernandez


We have an requirement to send the role of the user to the application that is being used while authorizing the user to a page via policy in siteminder. In this case the user has, lets say, 5 roles and in the policy (in domain), we have specified all 5 roles with OR in between.

Therefore, we want to know, out of those 5 roles, which roles is used by CA SSO policy to authorize users.

We tried to get the policy details using the smpolicy api of the CA SSO, but we are unable to get the information in the users tab of the policy.

Is there a method that siteminder sdk exposes to fetch the expressions from the users tab of the policy.

Any thoughts on how can we achieve this.