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Timesheet Adjustments

Question asked by JayaSantoshKumar on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by urmas

8 hours were added on wrong Project "A", timesheet is posted. Now this posted timesheet is adjusted.


User added 8 Hours on correct project "B", now for "A" he add 1 hour( Total hours 8+1 =9 hours) , now timesheet posted.


If we check "Posted Transaction review portlet" we get 3 records like below.


Proj - A  +8
Proj - A  -7
Proj - B  +8


While adjustment he added 1 hours so 7 hours were removed from Proj "A".


If all the 8 Hours need to zero-out from Proj "A", then giving Zero or leaving empty will work after the timesheet gets posted for second time(while Adjustments).