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openid scope

Question asked by Popleys on Jun 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2019 by Mark_HE

Hi There,am using the openid scope and i got the following jwt token which was decoded value pasted below.Am just wondering about the sub value which seems different because it supposed to be admin because i logged in with admin credentials.Pls advise how to decode the sub value,is there something else i got to do?

"at_hash": "pePEiJA6EZ3nAuX-nv61bw",
"sub": "863XMdOIZgz5vXarT9CmMDBdwUYtw4-MGxZ2EKtWuUc",
"aud": "1cde994e-f35c-4a4f-a20f-12a1c99d8469",
"acr": "0",
"azp": "1cde994e-f35c-4a4f-a20f-12a1c99d8469",
"auth_time": 1530244844,
"iss": "",
"exp": 1530331250,
"iat": 1530244850,
"nonce": "ekixqj036g4"