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Automation Engine v11 - Retrieve/set a copy of the job report (Windows Job)

Question asked by RegisteredUser999 on Jun 28, 2018
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I've been scouring the sites/google for answers on how to dump or retrieve a report to manipulate it later on in a workflow.   I've got a  JOBS (Windows) job that does, say, a directory of c:\.   I want to grab the content of the Report.    I have to do this with an RA/FTP job too, so I can't stuff a directory listing into another file via the job.


I've tried setting an explicit file in the OUTPUT tab, no user box checked.   The file never gets any data/content.  I've also tried to enable "all Ext" under the Attributes tab.  OUTPUT SCAN doesn't cut what I need (or so I think).   I tried to mess with REGISTEROUTPUTFILE command but same thing.


The process tab just contains a DIR command and I have R/W to the working directory path, and batch rights of course.


I'm sorry if I missed a clear article or something in the help files online.  Been at it and wanted to ask around.