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Custom QOS in Logmon

Discussion created by Balkar Singh Kang Employee on Jun 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2018 by RowanCollis

I am trying to read software version from storage array with logmon probe. The output of the the command, I am using, s something like


I am able to generate the alarm from logmon probe and message body is able to show the exact version. Now I am trying to inject this version information into the CA UIM database as qos in order to generate report. The challenge I am facing is in creating QOS of string type. All QOS type options are available only in B,KB,MB,GB etc.


Here are a few questions

   First of all, is it possible to insert qos as string into the CA UIM database and can be used for reporting?

   Secondly, what other alternatives, in UIM, we have to satisfy this type of requirement?