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Slow to very slow response from CA Agile Central web hooks

Question asked by sharmaTesting on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by sharmaTesting

Hi Support,


We have created a trial account with CA Agile Central for one of our prospects and we are trying to exchange the data to and fro using CA Agile Central web hooks. It was working fine for about a week a ago since last 3 months when we first build the connectivity.


For last 1 week we have been experiencing inconsistent behavior from CA Agile Central web hooks. At times we get the data returned instantly and at times it takes more than 30 minutes or even few hours before we get the data from web hooks. We have also observed that on many occasions the data got lost and nothing was ever returned from web hooks. 


We have raised this topic earlier as well in your community discussion form but after few replies where the support person was able to inform us about the issue being worked out, that discussion was closed.


We need your help here to resolve this issue at your earliest convenience since we have demos scheduled in next few days with our prospects.


Let me know in case more information is required around this which may help.


For reference, attach is the screenshot of a message we saw within our CA Agile Central account.



Prakhar Saxena