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Pre-Processing Rules/script to correlate alarms

Question asked by Rajashekar Allala on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2018 by casph02

Hi All,


I would like to look for two conditions for CPU on a device/robot and generate unique alarm instead of two alarms.


Example: I have setup Total CPU threshold to 90% and load average 5 min to 10.


My requirement is to generate unique alarm on the device when both the Total CPU and load Average 5 min thresholds exceed. That is, generate alarm if Total CPU > 90% and load Average 5 min > 10.


Here, I don't want to have the alarms generated for Total CPU and Load average. I need only One Alarm saying "CPU Utilization is High" based on these two using alarm correlation.


Please suggest me pre-processing rules/scripts that I can use before these alarms generated.


Thank you.