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Issues with RSA and CA PAM integration

Question asked by Shyam007 on Jul 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2018 by mulan04

Hello All,


I have query regarding RSA integration with CA Privilege Access Manger.
There is a limitation that we cannot create any new user in RSA hence we are using the existing RSA user (which is already in use and working fine).

We have imported the "sdconf.rec" and "sdopts.rec" in CA PAM and created the same user in AD (Active directory) which works fine if we login using LDAP Authentication to CA PAM.


After this we have tried logging in to CA PAM console using LDAP+RSA option and we are getting the error as

"Error: PAM-CMN-0900: Bad User ID or Password."

Request help on this, Thanks in Advance..!