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CA API Gateway - How to configure route to HTTP address

Question asked by fsrovai on Jul 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by Guilherme Almeida

I have this scenario:

I have an API from another source , not from API Gateway where I need to get a credential ( token ) to make calls. I have to pass two headers "X-Requested-With" value ""XMLHttpRequest" and "Content-Type" value "application/json", and pass a Body with a username and password to a page where this page gives me this Token, this page is HTTP ( no SSL ) . After that I have the possibility to make the call to this API with a Header "Authorization" value "Bearer TOKEN" ( where the token I got before ). After that I can receive information of this API.


The problem I have is to make the route created on API gateway works. I have my final destination like this ( hipotetical IP ) :******-portal-api/v1/configuracoes/motivos ( no SSL ) and my API Gateway is on the address******-portal-api/v1/configuracoes/motivos ( SSL ). The prints are attached in the working scenario without passing throught API Gateway and where it doesn't work passing throught API Gateway.


Do you have any ideas how to solve that or if I need to add more policy configurations on this "Publish Web API" to work.